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5 Ways to Build a Branded Social Media Presence

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If you’ve tried every other trick in the book but your business still isn’t quite performing as well as you’d like, maybe it’s time that you considered your social presence, and whether it’s finally time to start building a brand (or, in some cases, even consider a rebrand). Building a branded social presence and maintaining it over a period of time is a marketing strategy climbing in popularity with the ever-growing rise in social media users and the migration of brands from the formal world of business into the casual one of the internet. So, now that we have you excited, where to start? We compiled five easy ways to focus on building your branded social presence so customers finally start seeing your business you how you’ve always seen it.

1. Utilize Your Brand Standards

At the top of our list, utilizing brand standards can begin as soon as you determine what those standards are. Work with an outside marketing pro like Brandlink Media or collaborate with your in-house team to create a brand book, the document that sets distinct guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all aspects of the business. This helps determine your brand’s voice that will be carried out in social posts, captions, and newsletters, color scheme options, logo variations, targeted demographics, and other pieces of content. This is a crucial aspect to have in order for your brand to be seen as one unified entity to the public eye, especially if you have multiple team members behind the screen! Ensure consistency from platform to platform or between social media managers with templates for Instagram Stories, graphics, or regular posts (making sure you use the right color palette, fonts, etc. each time to match your brand).

2. Engage with SEO

If potential customers are searching for keywords on social media within your niche market and your information isn’t coming up along with that topic, your business’s search engine optimization (SEO) could likely use some work! That’s right — SEO is not just important for your website! Social media platforms indirectly influence the factors that impact search ranking too. Research and determine what useful information you can share on social with the goal of increasing your reach and building your brand’s presence. For each post, look for relevant hashtags in your desired category that people actively search for (we like Later’s hashtag suggestions and Kicksta has a great free tool) and use those to reach new followers and grow your traffic.

3. Schedule Content Regularly

To go hand-in-hand with the topic of consistency, it is also important that your brand is mindful of its posting and when it occurs. The more regular and scheduled your content can be, the better! Your audience will appreciate knowing when they’ll hear from you next and this will work to build trust between you and your customers as well. Consumers are significantly more likely to purchase from a brand they recognize for their consistent imagery and content schedule, so make sure to maintain both with some regularity.

4. Ask for Feedback

Whether it’s offering a spot for reviews to be left on a specific product or service or asking for thoughts on an Instagram story, your customers and potential clients want to feel heard. Giving outlets for feedback even on menial topics gives your consumer a sense of agency within your brand and can leave them feeling tied to your business even after your interaction has ended! Feedback can be displayed in the form of testimonials or create dynamic text graphics to use as organic content for your social media platform as well!

5. Lean Into Change

Social media is one of the fastest-changing industries in the world and that isn’t stopping anytime soon, so the quicker you are comfortable with experimentation, the better. Leading social platforms come out with updates and new features all the time, so show your brand’s hip side by dipping your toes in the water when you feel it could benefit you! Instagram’s newest feature Reels offers small businesses a chance to try out the fun elements of TikTok in the familiar setting of the ‘Gram, but there’s something for everyone so find what’s right for you and don’t be scared to show followers your brand’s personality!

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