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How to Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness

Increase Brand Loyalty and Awareness

Did you know 77% of consumers have been loyal to at least one brand for 10 years or longer? Or that 90% of consumers would rather switch to a brand that aligns with their core values than continue to purchase from those that don’t?

In a very saturated and digital age, creating a community of loyal customers and positioning yourself as an easily recognizable brand isn’t always an easy task.

All brands want to achieve the sweet spot pairing of top-of-mind awareness and being the first brand a consumer gravitates to. So, how do brands do it? How do they position themselves as brands that consumers continually want to use, and will instantly recognize?

There are many large brands that are top of mind when we think of a certain product or service. When we think of doing laundry we often think of Tide, when we think of dish soap we often think of Dawn, and when we think of soda we often think of Coca-Cola.

There are two vital ingredients you need for your business: brand loyalty and brand awareness.
Brand loyalty is a perception consumers have that enables them to repeatedly purchase from one brand over others in the market based on previous experiences with the brand and regardless of price.

Brand awareness is the ability for a consumer to be aware of a certain brand based on their products and services, as well as differentiate one brand from another based on branding efforts, core values, logo, products, etc.

Do you want to learn how to effectively generate brand loyalty with your customers and grow your brand awareness? Check out these helpful tips below to enhance the perception of your business.

Seven Tips for Building Brand Loyalty

1. Invest in customer service

According to a Blackhawk Network report, “94% of consumers are loyal to brands that deliver a consistently good customer experience – 73% are loyal because of good customer service.” Customer service is pivotal in shaping the way customers think about your brand. Great customer service will naturally be appreciated by customers and establish loyalty through the relationship formed with your company.

2. Engage with your customers

Engaging with your customers through social media, incentives, and other communication efforts can increase loyalty by crafting a relationship with your customers and can set you apart from the competition.

3. Understand what your customer is interested in

Understanding what your customers and target audience are interested in can help you specifically target the market you are interested in. This can save time and money, and connect you to your clientele on a deeper level!

4. Create an online community your customers can connect with

Digital and social media have allowed businesses to form deeper and more personal relationships with consumers, and interact with them on a day-to-day basis. Utilize your social platforms to interact with your customers and see what types of media they consume to further engage with them. This should be a two-way street!

5. Always deliver more than expected

Focus on what your brand does well, and continue to excel at it! If you deliver more than expected, customers will naturally gravitate back to your business for your products or services. This will build trust and a relationship with the customer and develop a sense of loyalty.

6. Provide incentives or a loyalty program

Establishing a program to reward existing customers can directly build loyalty and in turn, can lead to the customer continuing to do business with you. This technique also continues to market to existing customers which can be a cheaper alternative for a brand as they can focus on marketing expenditures for potential customers.

7. Share your brand's personality

Brands having a personality and interacting with consumers is vital in growing brand loyalty and relationships with customers. Having a brand personality humanizes the brand and allows the brand to reach consumers who have similar personality traits. Consumers will show loyalty to brands that share similar values and have similar personality traits as they do.

Why is Brand Loyalty Important?

Brand loyalty drives business for a brand, and according to Fortunly, up to 65% of a company’s overall revenue comes from existing loyal customers.

Seven Tips for Building Brand Awareness

1. Consistent branding/logo

Having consistent branding, typography, logos, and tone of voice allows customers to recognize your branding efforts and recall your brand when they see the certain color(s), fonts, or wording. Consistent branding matters!

2. Tell your company's story

Every brand originated from something– whether that is from starting a business with a friend or spontaneously coming up with an idea. Be authentic and tell your story, as it will increase customer knowledge of your brand, connect your story with your brand, and might even resonate personally with some customers.

3. Share lots of content

In an increasingly digital world, brands should utilize social media and other types of media like blog posts to increase brand awareness and allow consumers to easily engage with your brand. Posting interactive content that customers can easily access and engage with can attract them to your brand and create retention.

4. Continue advertising your brand

Similarly to posting lots of content, advertising your brand is critical in increasing brand recognition. Focus on local, national (or even international) advertising opportunities— whether that is through television, social media, outdoor advertising, or radio.

5. Promote your brand’s core values

Every company has core values they are founded on and hold true to the way they operate their business. Whether that is believing in integrity or striving for excellence, every company believes in and stands for something. Make your values known, and customers will connect with these core values and favor you over your competitors.

6. Prioritize first impressions

It only takes 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion concerning a website (8ways, 2019). Optimizing your website, Google Business Profile, and other digital profiles is a way customers (and potential customers) can reach your brand to learn more about your business.

7. Launch a marketing campaign

Launching a campaign can familiarize consumers with your brand, business, and company as a whole. If a consumer has already been introduced to your brand, a campaign can bring your brand to the top of their mind. A few examples of campaigns you can utilize for your brand can be email marketing, a social media series, or rebranding. Campaigns are easily traceable and can generate further insight into your business!

Why is Brand Awareness important?

Brand awareness is important as it encourages repeated purchases, drives consumers’ purchase decisions, allows them to decide which brand to become loyal to or purchase from, and can increase sales and market share.

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