How to Get the Best Website for Your Business

Better Website for your Business

Your business is growing and it’s time to get your website to do more work for you. Or maybe you’ve hit a plateau and think your outdated website is hurting your business. (We understand where you’re at.) 

If you’re searching the internet for the best way to build your website or how to build the best website, we’ve got some insights for you that will save you time, frustration — and in the long run, money too. 

Here’s the first insight — don’t do it. Your business’s health is too crucial, your time is too valuable — and your website is too important, especially in these unprecedented times. 

Does this sound like your experience?

As a business owner, you’re used to learning quickly and having to wear a lot of hats to make your company run. You’re industrious and creative. (That’s why we love to partner with business owners like you.) You have had to be part accountant, part marketer, and part jack of all trades in some seasons. But just because you’ve had to do that in the past doesn’t mean that’s the best way forward. Another way of saying this is — just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.


1. Your time is valuable — don’t waste it being a novice.

A recent Gallup and Wells Fargo poll found that nearly 60% of small business owners work six days a week — and 20% worked seven days a week. 

You only have so much time. Oftentimes as an entrepreneur, you have had to put in all the time in order to get your efforts off the ground and it can be difficult to know when the value of your time is better spent on your expertise vs. relying on someone else’s expertise in an area. 

You have brought your business to a point of growth — and hiring an expert like Brandlink allows you to spend more time doing what you do best.

With an expert team, like Brandlink’s, you get someone working for you who can do the job quicker, better, and get it to do what you want instead of putting a lot of time into something that falls short of your expectations and needs.

2. You are not your customer.

Building your own website is risky for many reasons, but one of the most important is that you aren’t your customer — and as the business owner you have something called, “The curse of knowledge.” One of the biggest issues we see with self-designed websites is a glaring lack of practical information and clarity of the product or service. Because owners know the product or service so well, they often leave out even the most basic details like contact information. A reported 70% of small business websites don’t have a call-to-action on their homepage. That means they are losing sales — potential to competitors for no good reason — and don’t even know it. 

In the same way that you are an expert in your business, we are an expert in website design. From the right words to communicate your unique offering to the highest quality imagery, and best functionality — we partner with you to better serve your customers.

3. You don’t always have the tools.

Even in the basic website building sites, design and quality imagery aren’t part of their service whereas they are with Brandlink. You don’t just need to be able to navigate through a company’s template, you will need to be able to create high-quality imagery and overall good design with a purpose behind it. 

  • Did you know that 75% of potential customers judge your website’s credibility on it’s overall aesthetic, according to InvisionApp? 
  • 39% of users will abandon a website if images don’t load or take too much time to load. 
  • 8 out of 10 consumers would stop engaging with a website if its content doesn’t display correctly on their device (Adobe)
  • 47% of visitors expect a site to load within 2 seconds or less. The page abandonment statistics are astronomical if it fails to load with every added section. 
  • 62% of companies increased their sales by designing responsive platforms for their websites. 

 When you partner with Brandlink, our team makes sure that —

  • Your pages are loading quickly so visitors stay on your website.
  •  Google can find your website, so your customers can too. (Did you know that was a thing?)
  • Your site has a mobile-friendly, responsive design that means you build trust and increase your organic reach. 


You don’t have to become an expert in SEO, 301 redirects, 404 error pages, and all the rest because we’re experts at it. We love partnering with business owners like you because we get to help you build a website that reflects your expertise and builds your business.


We’ve shared insights from our experience to help you make an informed decision about building your website. 

First, hiring an expert doesn’t mean —

  • That you aren’t involved in the process. 

On the contrary. You’re the expert in your business and your insights and information are the foundation we use to build a customized website for you. 

  • That you have to build a large website and make a huge financial investment. 

Actually, we have helped many small businesses take their company to the next level with a high-quality, beautifully functional single-page website. (Check out one of our most recent projects.) 

Hiring Brandlink to build your website means — 

  • You have a partner in the process that can turn your unique needs into a beautiful, functional website that works for you — and doesn’t add work to your busy schedule. 
  • You have immediate access to a team of experts in web design, graphic design, marketing copywriting, SEO, and more.
  • You can spend time doing what you do best instead of spending too much time trying to figure out an entirely new discipline. (That’s like someone saying that they could learn to do what you do with a few how-to videos.) 

We’ve helped many business owners just like you — check out their results to see what’s possible for your company.

If you’re needing to upgrade your website so it adds to your bottom line instead of your workload, let’s talk! We’d love to hear more about your needs. Aren’t sure if you’re ready? Schedule a free consultation to get answers to any questions you have with no pressure.

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We can’t wait to create something great for you. 

8 Ways to Repurpose a Photography Session

Photography Session Brynlee Handy
The year 2020 has already brought with it so many surprises and challenges that no one could have foreseen, and small businesses are hard-pressed to survive through. If you are finding that your business budget is a little tighter than normal this quarter, or if COVID-19 has put a pause on your creative collaborations causing your content reservoir to run dry, you are not alone! Our team put together eight different ways to repurpose a photography session and give your business a boost in this time of uncertainty.

1. Feature in Blog Posts

This is a great option if the photography session you’re aiming to repurpose is very general-use in relation to your business. Lifestyle shots can be used in blog posts on a wide variety of topics and don’t necessarily have to depict exactly what the blog is about, as long as it’s not too far off from the subject and it’s dynamic enough to draw unique visitors to your blog.

2. Use in Email Marketing + Newsletters

Imagery is everything when grabbing a potential client’s attention, and what better way to hook them than with compelling visual content in your email newsletters? Resize photos to the desired header or footer size to trim your message with a visual element that sets you apart from the competition.

3. Share on Instagram and Facebook

The opportunities for repurposing a photography session are endless on visual social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With both now offering the ability to share content to stories, you can choose between a grid post, a story update, or even use the content to promote a sponsored post.

4. Update Website Content

Has it been a while since you reviewed your website? Repurposing a photography session to update your online content is an easy way to let website visitors know that you are still actively in business, especially in a time when so many are at home browsing the web on their devices.

5. Create New Marketing Materials

We touched on sponsored posts for Instagram and Facebook, but you can also repurpose a photography session by designing and ordering new physical marketing materials utilizing your photos! Give your business cards a facelift, design eye-catching pamphlets that feature a comprehensive service menu, or take the unique route and create a lookbook to showcase your photos and chronologize the year’s work.

6. Add to Google My Business Profile

Whether potential clients are considering utilizing your services or visiting your storefront, their first step is likely a simple Google search to see what they find about you. Make sure that their first impression is a good one by curating the photos clients will see when they initially visit your business’s profile to be up to date, eye-catching, and relevant.

7. Pin to Pinterest

Pinterest is great for distributing content and imagery from the photography session that your target audience might find “highly shareable.” Just be sure to include all credits and information you want passed along in the caption of your Pin, so while people are circulating your Pin as an “idea,” they are also passing around your information and potentially exposing you to a large audience of potential clients.

8. Backgrounds for Quotes or Other Social Media Graphics

Everyone needs some “rainy day” content they can post when they have nothing else to post about, and people absolutely love quotes. You can use a third-party app like Canva or Instories to apply filters and add some inspirational words to create a visual quote. Make it trendy and appealing enough and followers may even share the content to their own stories and expand your reach!
From social media posting to website updates to blog posts, there are endless ways to repurpose content from a photography session. It is vital to keep your digital presence living and breathing with fresh photography, and our team can help support you with photography options ranging from small product shoots to large, full-day photo/video shoots. Reach out to Brandlink Media today to learn more about our options, we’d love to connect!

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We can’t wait to create something great for you. 

Why Hire Us? Brandlink Media: Your One-Stop-Shop for all Marketing Needs

Brandlink Media Team

When looking for the right agency to handle your business’s creative needs, the last thing any professional wants is the same thing everyone else has. You want your company to seem unique, because it is, but how can you communicate that to an audience when your large-scale agency is setting you up with all the same content and tools as everyone else? How can they tailor their cookie-cutter strategies to your particular craft when they’re too worried about turning a profit to help turn your business into its full potential? 

At Brandlink Media, we like small. Smaller means that we can give each and every client the personalization and attention that they need in order to make sure the world knows just how great they can be. This means more people will choose you, because they can actually tell who you are, not who your large-scale agency makes your business seem to be. We keep the integrity of your message intact while using our creativity to enhance your brand’s value. 

Tell us your business’s objectives and we will be there every step of the way to ensure they are met, and with the highest quality possible. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is. We approach every project as if it were our business with the same creativity, passion and energy. We love what we do and are honored when clients choose us. Can your large agency say the same?

In addition to doing everything with care, we also do everything. From social media management to website and graphic design, our advertising, photography, and videography teams handle it all. We have a dynamic approach to marketing, tailored to the specific needs of each client for branding, logo design, promotion, and advertising. We take care of everything, so you can keep innovating. We are truly the one-stop-shop of media marketing, and we’d love to talk business with you.

Working with us means that you’ll have carte blanche access to an expert team of marketers, digital strategists, designers, web developers, content creators, photographers and videographers, all focused on executing marketing strategies that best serve your needs.

At Brandlink, we know the power of a well-structured marketing campaign almost as well as we know the value of a dollar, and when you work with us we keep both things at the forefront of our concerns. We just love creating, and we want to do it for you. No scary hidden fees, just affordable, cohesive, and professional work so that your business is always putting its best foot forward. 

Brandlink Media has helped develop a wide variety of businesses over the years, so we understand every case is different. We will work with you tirelessly to find the optimal solution for your company.

Drop us a line at

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to talk with us today (fun fact: a real, live human answers our phone).

We can’t wait to create something great for you.