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8 Ways to Repurpose a Photography Session

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The year 2020 has already brought with it so many surprises and challenges that no one could have foreseen, and small businesses are hard-pressed to survive through. If you are finding that your business budget is a little tighter than normal this quarter, or if COVID-19 has put a pause on your creative collaborations causing your content reservoir to run dry, you are not alone! Our team put together eight different ways to repurpose a photography session and give your business a boost in this time of uncertainty.

1. Feature in Blog Posts

This is a great option if the photography session you’re aiming to repurpose is very general-use in relation to your business. Lifestyle shots can be used in blog posts on a wide variety of topics and don’t necessarily have to depict exactly what the blog is about, as long as it’s not too far off from the subject and it’s dynamic enough to draw unique visitors to your blog.

2. Use in Email Marketing + Newsletters

Imagery is everything when grabbing a potential client’s attention, and what better way to hook them than with compelling visual content in your email newsletters? Resize photos to the desired header or footer size to trim your message with a visual element that sets you apart from the competition.

3. Share on Instagram and Facebook

The opportunities for repurposing a photography session are endless on visual social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. With both now offering the ability to share content to stories, you can choose between a grid post, a story update, or even use the content to promote a sponsored post.

4. Update Website Content

Has it been a while since you reviewed your website? Repurposing a photography session to update your online content is an easy way to let website visitors know that you are still actively in business, especially in a time when so many are at home browsing the web on their devices.

5. Create New Marketing Materials

We touched on sponsored posts for Instagram and Facebook, but you can also repurpose a photography session by designing and ordering new physical marketing materials utilizing your photos! Give your business cards a facelift, design eye-catching pamphlets that feature a comprehensive service menu, or take the unique route and create a lookbook to showcase your photos and chronologize the year’s work.

6. Add to Google My Business Profile

Whether potential clients are considering utilizing your services or visiting your storefront, their first step is likely a simple Google search to see what they find about you. Make sure that their first impression is a good one by curating the photos clients will see when they initially visit your business’s profile to be up to date, eye-catching, and relevant.

7. Pin to Pinterest

Pinterest is great for distributing content and imagery from the photography session that your target audience might find “highly shareable.” Just be sure to include all credits and information you want passed along in the caption of your Pin, so while people are circulating your Pin as an “idea,” they are also passing around your information and potentially exposing you to a large audience of potential clients.

8. Backgrounds for Quotes or Other Social Media Graphics

Everyone needs some “rainy day” content they can post when they have nothing else to post about, and people absolutely love quotes. You can use a third-party app like Canva or Instories to apply filters and add some inspirational words to create a visual quote. Make it trendy and appealing enough and followers may even share the content to their own stories and expand your reach!
From social media posting to website updates to blog posts, there are endless ways to repurpose content from a photography session. It is vital to keep your digital presence living and breathing with fresh photography, and our team can help support you with photography options ranging from small product shoots to large, full-day photo/video shoots. Reach out to Brandlink Media today to learn more about our options, we’d love to connect!

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